When Life Gets Busy- Something Has To Give

when life gets busy

At least for me. Is it like that for you too?

And for the last month or so, that something had to be this blog. That’s why all you have been seeing here lately is the Hearts for Home Blog Hop on Thursdays.

Nothing major has happened to keep me away from blogging like our house disaster did last year. And in case your wondering, no, the house isn’t all done yet. It’s livable and fairly comfortable, but not done. 

But there has been enough going on that I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed as of late.

First, I had a small scare when my arm hurt for two weeks straight and I thought my Giant Cell Tumor might have came back, sending me back to my orthopedic oncologist for a check up. The doctor doesn’t think it has based on clear x-rays and the fact that it feels a little better now.

Then our fur baby Abby got really sick and was subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. Which has meant several vet visits a week for now, to figure out how much insulin it’s going to take to get her blood sugar regulated.

Then at the beginning of this week, our son Zachary got really sick with the Flu and Pneumonia. He was so sick and I was really worried about him.

Add all of the extra things we’ve had going on together, toss in a 40 hour work week, regular household responsibilities, appointments, Church and spending a couple hours on Friday evenings sitting with my Grandma and something had to give.

When my life gets busy, Busy Mama 911 is what has to give. 

Since most of my readers are women and lots of you are mothers, I hope you understand that God, family and my paying job must come first.

 I hope you’ll stick around even when it gets quiet here.

Come back on Monday for a brand new recipe that I have scheduled to post. And check in every now and again, because I will have a couple Giveaways coming up soon!

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  1. life does get busy, and full, and overwhelming. Praying life settles down to a nice steady hum – and I”m looking forward to the new recipe!
    Linda @ Apron Strings recently posted…Dear Mom . . . who also is my daughter {a blog hop with a HUGE Mother’s Day Giveaway!}My Profile

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