My Strange Love of Tacky-confession of a tape addiction

I have a strange love of all things tacky. No, not big gaudy flowers and stripes worn with polkadots. I am talking tape and stickers. An addiction so to speak. And it’s probably not what you think.

tape addiction

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Confession of a Tape Addiction

If you google tape addiction, you don’t get much. There are a few videos about someone who eats it (no I don’t) and a facebook page and some pinterest boards about crafting with duct tape. I am not a tape crafter either. I am thinking I must be alone in this strange tape addiction thing.

My addiction to tape involves playing with it. I’ve seen kids (and a few adults) who like to stick tape onto their face and lips. Not me, I just roll it obsessively back and forth between my fingers until I wear the sticky off of it. I don’t like they way it feels on my face. Occasionally, I will stick a piece of tape on my arm while I wash my hands or something, but not because I like it there. I am simply storing it for later.

Scotch tape is my go to tape fix, because it is cheap and available. I like packing tape a whole lot, because it takes a long time to wear the sticky off of it, but I am too frugal to waste it. Duct tape is Ok in a pinch, but not my favorite. Gorilla tape (affectionately called monkey tape at my house) is so sticky it leaves a residue on my fingers and I don’t like that.

Apparently, it can appear to the casual observer that I am rolling buggers between my fingers. A co-worker who doesn’t spend time in our officer came to visit in the dispatch center one night. As we chatted, I noticed his eyes kept glancing at my hands, obsessively rolling some trusty scotch tape back and forth. Finally, I said, ” You didn’t know I have an addiction to playing with tape did you?”  His reply was, “Thank goodness, I thought you were rolling buggers between your fingers like a little kid!”

I love stickers too. You know, the ones on bananas and apples or the stickers labeling new jeans and t-shirts. I find them irresistible to peel and play with. Now, I am not so addicted I go around Walmart peeling stickers off of Jeans. That would be theft, and a felony and super weird. But I have been known to help out a friend or two by removing a sticker off of a piece of fruit or from their fruit bowl. And I sometimes peel the label off my friends who smoke lighters. The fruit stickers don’t last very long at all, but their free.

What do I get out of playing with tape? I tend to roll tape when I am bored and out of habit most of the time. But I think it must be calming to me in some way. It must release some kind of feel good hormones in my brain. Because if I am anxious, nervous or stressed, my tacky tape playing adiction goes into overdrive.

I blame my love of all thing tacky on the postmaster we had when I was a kid. His name was Gene. He was a very nice man. I can remember when I was really little, he would weigh me on the postal scale every time we came into the post office. But when I got too big for that, he give me a sucker and would tear off a nice size piece of packing tape for me to play with. We always had a lot of mail because my mom was a big mail order shopper and my dad was the secretary for the Volunteer Fireman’s Association. So the tape and the sucker would keep me occupied while my mom carried in packages and paid for postage. When mom said we had to go to the post office, I was more excited about the tape I was going to get from Gene than the sucker.

Do you or anyone you know have a tape addiction? I’d love to hear from them!

If not tape, do you have some other odd or unique addiction? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe it would make me feel a little less weird. :)
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  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that plays with tape,my husband thinks it’s strange and I guess in a way I do too,I’m not sure exactly why I do it but I’ve done it for years,I was also diagnosed with bipolar so maybe that has something to with it ,I’ve wondered if it’s ocd,I just know it is an addiction,if there is scotch tape lying around our house it’s a compulsion and I have to play with it lol

  2. I’m a tape aholic… I love to play with transpore medical tape . it sticky tacky fits whatever sensory input I’m not giving my body.. My husband as well hate the noise and everyone thinks I’m crazy but glad to know I’m not alone

  3. Hey, it’s pretty funny to see this. I figured I wasn’t the only one who really like the feeling of some sticky things but I have my own method and whatnot. I’ll use the green classic scotch tape, other brands I find are too flimsy or not the right kind of stick. I’ll roll it up on top of itself, sticky side out, usually big enough to fit around my finger, and always meticulously so the sides line up perfectly, then continue to roll it between my fingers until it loses its stick and I’ll pull off the amount that has been used and play with what’s under. It’s super weird, I’m embarrassed to tell most people about it. I’ll do it before bed and wake up with it stuck in my hair or my shirt or something. The leftover tape ends up piled on top of eachother in a sort of mound. I remember it starting when I was in about 2nd grade, we would wait in like to go to the teachers desk and I would compulsively stick my fingers to the tape roll on her desk. I’m 23, hide it from the world because I think it’s too embarrassing to tell anyone.

    • OMG, you are describing ME!! The only difference is I do not hide it anymore. I wear that badge proudly…LOL. No, seriously, I have also been doing it since I was a small child. My grandfather would have to hide the scotch tape or I would have it all gone within a day or a few hours. My grandson will be 3 at the end of this month and I can’t play with tape around him because he wants it. Yep, he is already doing it. At least I passed something down, huh? :-)

  4. Wow, after reading this page, I thought I was the only person on earth that had a tape obsession. I am addicted to any kinds of tape, labels or sticky paper and roll it back and forth with my fingers. To me, that is my stress reliever. This relaxes me. My wife gets mad and doesn’t understand my reason behind my addiction. I’m just glad that there is others like me.
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  5. I LOVE TAPE! I just happened to google it today to see if I’m alone in this. I can recall being so young when my “addiction” began that I had to ask my parents to tear it off for me. I’m notorious at work (and all my previous work places) for my tape addiction. And it is contagious! I’ve infected two co workers and my daughter lol!!

  6. Omg! I’m not thee only one.. It started very young elementary school. We had the velcro sneakers. It was something abt that sound that I had to feel.. First came masking tape.. then everything I can peel. I am now 28 grown woman still peeling off label .. saving them for later to stick to my face.. or hands lol

  7. And Here I am thinking I was the only one to. It’s been an addiction ever since I can remember. From growing up crowns on your face and your fingers to my favorite witches blue painters tape. That seems to last the longest. I find myself in a trance and having to force myself to throw it out of my hand. while I just stand there in a meditative state. I think it’s a nervous reaction sometimes. Others are times of intense thought.

  8. omg I thought I was like to only one I thought I was some super rare disorder or something lol good to know I’m not the only one

  9. OMGGGGG ! THIS IS SOOOO ME ! WE ARE NOT ALONR AFTER ALL ! THE BLOG PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE ! THANKS busy mama 911 I have the silk and pajama fetish too other than the tape play !!!!

  10. I googled tape addiction because I’ve always thought I was the only person in the world who enjoyed playing with tape. I’ve done this as long as I can remember. and I read how you’ll sometimes stick something sticky to your arm while you wash your hands, or do anything, just to save it for later- I’m guilty of that too! It’s relieving knowing I’m not alone, my family thinks I’m crazy !

  11. Good read! I too have an addiction to fidgeting with a strange object, however it is not tape and I have never heard of anyone who does the same. This is the first time I’ve come fourth with my addiction but I am addicted to fidgeting with swimming goggles. I began this habit when I was 14 and 6 years later, behind closed doors I still do it everyday. My attraction to the goggles is the strap, so I always break the goggles so that one end of the strap is attached to eye pieces and the other end is hanging freely. Just like playing with tape, I believe its brought on by anxiety, however I am not entirely sure. Triggers like watching tv, relaxing or even taking a shower cause me to play with them. Its weird, and only my family and close friends know about it. I tried researching answers and even talking to my doctor, however there was no success; so seeing other people playing with something like tape (although a lot less bizarre then goggles) made me feel that there are others out there that share this addiction (maybe in a different way). If theres anyone out there with information on my addiction or a relating story willing to reach out to me would be much appreciated! Thanks and I really appreciate your post!

  12. You are definitely not the only one! I am obsessed with scotch tape and have been for as long as I can remember. I am constantly sticking it to my finger tips and/or my lips and I must use a whole roll up in two or three months. Stickers are heaven as well. I have been told that the reason sticky things are addictive (to me but it might not be for anyone else) is because there was a problem with my sensory cortex when I was little and fingertips and lips have an abundance of nerves.
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  13. My wife has taken notice of my thing with tape. I’m still searching for some underlying cause or something of the sort. Glad I found this page because I thought I was the only one out there. But to finish my story, my mother came to visit and noticed all of these “wasted tape rolls.” Apparently I have done this every since I was a small child. She would get furious around the holidays because when it came time to wrap gifts, guess what? Not a lick of tape was to be found anywhere in the house. I have noticed that whenever I start my “tape sessions” they have to be rolled in perfect little tubes and rolls. If the slightest thing is off, it has to be redone. So I know there’s an OCD issue in there somewhere. Any way there are these little things called “Fidgets.” They look like a little gold ring with little triangles. It rolls up and down your fingers and it’s kind of like an acupuncture type of deal……without the needles stuck all over you. Have y’all seen pictures of some of that being done? I’m not a big fan of being turned into a human pin cushion!

  14. OMG!! Yes Im 22 and I always thought it was weird but the stickier the surface the better it’s like a high. I love rolling it between my fingers when I’m Bored. Gorilla Tape is my favorite…. I have had the obsession for as long as I can remember I hated wasting it on my shirt or a piece of paper. When I could play with it til the sticky went away. If I needed that thing with a sticky side on it. Id rather glue it down then waste the sticky side. I Think Im going crazy I just love it so much. Do I sound too weird?www

  15. OMG!! Yes Im 22 and I always thought it was weird but the stickier the surface the better it’s like a high. I love rolling it between my fingers when I’m Bored. Gorilla Tape is my favorite…. I have had the obsession for as long as I can remember I hated wasting it on my shirt or a piece of paper. When I could play with it til the sticky went away. If I needed that thing with a sticky side on it. Id rather glue it down then waste the sticky side. I Think Im going crazy I just love it so much. Do I sound too weird?

  16. omg! such a relief to find others alike, i suffer major anxiety disorder and in times of stress i either eat or play with selotape . . i roll it back on itself and stick it on my finger and thumb then pull it apart, i then do this over and over till its not as sticky then i roll more round it and repeat, seems to be a coping mechanism, my friends just think its strange

  17. I do this all the time. Thought I was the only one lol. I hate for my hands to be sticky too. Love any stickers, tape, labels, all lol!

  18. I’m so glad I have found this page, it is like a massive relief. I’m from London and have been playing with all kinds of tape for as long as I can remember. Never knew why I was doing it but my family always used to find rolled up bits of sellotape all over the house and in the washing machine!! My boyfriend even went as far as to buy to Duct tape as a present which was amazing! I roll it up up and down between my fingers and now have started to do it at work and try and hide the evidence so it doesn’t look weird. I don’t particularly relate it to stress however I do find a sense of calm and relaxation while doing so. SO SO SO happy to see I’m not the only one ahah thanks for posting this seems to be very helpful and relieving

  19. It really made my day to come across this page full of people with the same strange addiction as me!!! I’ve been playing with tape since I was little, and I’m 27 now and still obsessed. I drive my family and my fiance crazy. My dad says “you can tell Maggie has been over when you find the rolled up tape.” Totally agree with a lot of people on here, mostly that it can’t be too sticky and leave residue on my fingers, and also someone said it’s like a ticklish feeling and I’m 100% with that. I do have bad anxiety sometimes and I find that playing with tape can alleviate my anxiety. I don’t try and wear off all the stick, once it starts to wear down I have to get a new piece. Sometimes I do it way too much in a day and my fingertips start to feel really raw. So glad I found this post, I feel a lot less like a freak now and I don’t feel as embarrassed. I thought I was the only one, and as it turns out there’s even another commenter that’s in Las Vegas, which is where I live. Thanks for being brave enough to post this post and bring us all to somewhere we can feel a bit more normal.

  20. When I started my job 3 1/2 years ago I saw my boss rolling tape between her fingers. I thought it was the strangest thing I ever saw. At first I tried to ignore it but that was hard because her desk is right beside mine. The sound became louder and louder until I had to ask her what she was doing. She said it was just something that she did and she really didn’t know why. She also said her sister does it as well. I still thought it was odd but I loved my job so I just had to get used to it. Fast forward 3 years…. I am at my desk talking with a customer and I notice him looking at my hands with a strange look on his face. This causes me to look down as well. In my hand is the UPS label I just printed. While talking to him I had torn a strip off the label and started rolling it between my palms. After the customer left I mentioned it to my boss. She laughed and said she had noticed my doing it for a couple of weeks…lol She now calls me her “addict in training”.
    So I have learned that this is an addiction and it is contagious. I have also learned that UPS labels are the way to go. You Guys are not alone in this addiction and it is spreading….

    • LOL! It’s contagious!! So far I haven’t infected anyone! LOL

    • Hey Everyone sorry I am so late in replying to this chain. But better late then never. My name is Danny Scheible and I have been a tape addict so to say for Ten Years. I have spent over 37,000 hours playing with and developing ways of playing with tape. I have created a art form out of it called Tapigami( I have found tape to be one of the most freeing and creative materials I have ever experienced. I have developed a way to roll the Tape in to long tubes with the adhesive on the outside and them fold and cut those tubes to create any object possible. I come across people who roll tape into long tubes every year and upon finding this post just wanted to share what is possible with the tape. You are probably not addicts just artists without outlets. The tape is a perfect material for sculpture and play. Hope this helps feel free to contact me if anyone has questions.

      tOUch aRt

    • Ups labels are the way to go! I use to get those from my last job and would tear little pieces at a time. This would last forever that way!:)
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  21. I seriously thought I was the only one to do this but obviously not. My granny always jokes and says eventually I will have no finger prints because I have done this for as long as she can remember. I love the stickers off of deodorant, binders and things like that the most. My family hates for me to peel the stickers off of their things and they usually hide some stuff lol so weird that so many people do this. I have always wondered why and if it has a name?

  22. Hello all! I am a tape addict to. I love all things sticky. Size stickers on clothes, little stickers on fruit, scotch tape, packing tape, painters tape, but my favorite of all is duct tape. only certain brands of duct tape though, because some cheap brands leave crap and sticky residue on your fingers, which I hate. I roll it up and play with it between my fingers. I usually always have a rolled up piece stuck in my pants pocket for later also. I thought I was weird for having an obsession with sticky things, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  23. I don’t want to type my real name just beacuse but i like to literally stick the tame to my self like around my feet sticky side on my feet. And around my waist several times around..

  24. I thought I was alone. I stick the tape to my fingers or palm and keep it there. Or move it to the next finger or other hand until I am out of stickiness. I HATE sticky hands from food or whatever. I also love clothing stickers a lot! So so so sticky! Also try retail shelf labels lol

  25. Yep. I have the tape addiction too. Exactly the same as yours. I just like to take a piece and roll it between my fingers.

    I am an IT Professional, and I just got back from fixing a coworkers computer. While sitting there I was compelled to grab a piece of their scotch tape. My coworker looked at me strangely, and I just said, “Sorry. I have this tape thing.”

    I got back to my desk and wondered if I was the only one. I guess not!

  26. I do it too 😛 love bakery stickers especially and the glue that sticks labels on pineapples, can just play with them all day!

  27. So playing with sticky things all the time makes me an addict… haha okay, guilty then!! when i am at work, i have a piece of Prestik that i play with the whole day… i take my notes that are pasted on the wall down just so that i can play with it, and then i will put it back as soon as it is time to knock-off… i play with sticky tape, double sided tape and everything sticky… and i agree, i also dont like the sticky stuff that stays on my fingers, thats a bit too muich for me. i love the feeling that it gives on my fingers, its kinda ticklish. it is really addictive. so glad i’m not strange lol

  28. I’m playing with tape as I read this I’m 31 been playing with it since I was ten. I hate when my hands are sticky though, like from food. But I love tape! Especially right after I dry my hands off after washing. There is only one brand I use. And one color. The scotch brand. And it’s the red color. I find the green isn’t very sticky. I do put it on my lips. And people will think I am eating it. I don’t eat it! I love peeling the long size stickers off clothes. They are so sticky! Ha ha! Everyone eho knows me, knows I love tape. My husband will hide it from me when he thinks I’m getting out of control with it! He he someday so plan with it all day, and other days I try and restrict myself. I have never broken the habit. I love playing with it too much! :)

    • I really like Scott’s Red tape too! Welcome to our little online club :)

    • Life long sticker addict. I don’t roll it into balls. I don’t like the feel of that, but anything with that adhesive backing is great. I find that clothing stickers lose it fast because of the lint. Duct tape FEELS good, but the adhesive is annoying when it comes off on your hands. I would always get stickers from the staff at Texas Roadhouse. They knew to hang on to the rolls of extra stickers after a promotion. Best ever, my husband worked at a tire place and bright me the 12×6″ stickers off the tires. SUPER sticky! I also put it in my lips. My family gets a good laugh when I forget and duct tape my lips shut. I found this blog because I was trying to look up reasons for this addiction. Maybe we need a Facebook support group.

  29. Wow! I just looked up tape addiction since my fingers hurt from rolling tape through my fingers all day long. I knew I would find someting & I knew i wasn’t the only one, but i didnt expect to find just 1 page on this.

  30. Hi I’m Deahnna, I’m from Philadelphia but I now live in Las Vegas for the past 5-6 years. I work as a cook at doubletree hotel and I’m addicted to sticky things. It started when I was little in the 1st or 2nd grade and my science teacher gave me a sticker for good behavior. I kept playing with it because I was so fascinated with how it felt and ever since then I just play with sticky things until they no longer stick any more. I don’t like anything too sticky because it leaves residue on your fingers …. Kinda like accidentally touching fly paper and then you got to scrub it off. I use to play with stickers on my lips and put them on my arms for later use. I’m 25 now( it’s my birthday lol ) and what I do with stickers is put them on my wall and date each one so I know when I did it. I actually brought home a big sticker from work off a bud light keg jus to put on my wall because I like a variety of stickers. I’m really organized and that’s why I date all my stickers. I find it fun actually and calming….like a stress reliever or out of boredom.

  31. I love rolling tape. I find post deliver like fed ex best. But does the adhesive cause any harm. I do roll with finger then some times out it in my mouth like a cig. What are your thoughts. I find I get sick often

  32. I love stickers and tape! I work in a hospital and I’m always printing out patient labels to stick into specimen collection tubes. We have one printer that nobody else likes because it prints an extra, blank label in between the printed patient labels, but I LOVE that printer because it means I get to build up a small stash of unusable labels just to play with. I’ve been doing it my whole life. My 7 year old also has a love of sticky tape and stickers.

    • Welcome Angel! So far it doesn’t look like I passed my tacky obsession on to my kids. You are the first person I have heard say that. Nice to find another sticky loving friend!

  33. Hi so I’m 14 and I’ve been playing with tape since I was quite young, possibly 2 years old. Just now I decided to search up my strange addiction to see if there was a reason or a name for this, but instead I found you, a person who shares the same lifestyle (a lifestyle involving sticky things). Occasionally, may I be stressed or worried or just normal, tape will pop into my mind and I just have to get some. I would finish two a day and afterwards come to see many little rolls of tape on the floor, not realizing I’ve used so much. It’s very comforting that someone shares this addiction with me.

    • Hi Violet! You sound just like me. Welcome to what seems to have become the unofficial tape addicts group!

    • Ever since I was 5yrs. old, I’ve enjoyed, rather, have been obsessed with tape. It started, I think, because Pee Wee used to play with tape – and I LOVED Pee Wee. I started my addiction by peeling off all the size stickers when I went clothes shopping with my mom and within just a few months, we all had tiny little rolls of Scotch tape stuck to the bottom of our socks. I’ve tried to be better about it, and I sometimes even get embarrassed when people notice, but I can’t stop it. I tried once, and my anxiety went through the roof. It’s so funny that when you said you stick it to your arm, I DO THE SAME! I’ll stick it to my wrist if I’m washing my hands or doing something dirty that requires me to use my hands. It’s soothing.
      I really thought I was alone in this, until just now. I asked my boss if we had anymore Scotch tape in the back (fortunately I work in an office where it’s supplied!!). He said he had that no name tape that just leaves that nasty residue on your fingers. I said no thanks but that’d I’d be happy to have the spool of Scotch on his desk and trade him. That’s when HE confessed his obsession. I couldn’t believe it. I never thought I’d meet another addict like myself. I knew he was awesome, but I didn’t think he was THAT awesome! I knew I was in the right office.
      Anyway, that’s what prompted me to seek out other tape enthusiasts like myself and here we are. It’s nice to know there are other out there…

      • I didn’t know Pee Wee played with tape? And I stick tape to my wrist to save it for later too! LOL

        • Too funny. I am also tape obsessed. When I was a little kid and everything at be grocery store had price stickers, my mom would roll up to the register and I’d have taken all the stickers off to play with. Lots of “price checks” happening when we went shopping.
          I prefer Scotch tape.. I actually like the green kind. And I layer like 5 pieces and peel them off and stick them to the top as they lose their stick. I also love masking tape and the tape of lint rollers. Duct tape and packing tape are too sticky for me. I love the tape at hospitals that is sort of translucent and a bit thick.
          It’s a weird habit but relatively harmless I suppose. My family gets bugged when I rip labels off of things though :)
          Glad to know I’m not alone

  34. Wow. Was just sitting in my room. Had just folded a piece of duct tape on itself and was thinking I was a weirdo… Decided to do a Google search. This is basically all there is out there, which is rather surprising. I have loved tape as long as I can remember, no distinct trigger. I roll tape occasionally, but most of the time I stick it and unstuck it to my index and middle finger, using my thumb as the anchor on the nonsticky side. I usually go for duct tape because there is a ton of it in a roll, moderately sticky, and it doesnt leave residue. Now that I think about it, I always go for the same size of piece, about 2.5 inches for duct tape. The stickiness of the tape matters! I don’t go for Scotch tape very much because it isn’t sticky very long. And too sticky leaves reside, equally unacceptable. Annoys my mom when the room is quiet and I’m playing with tape, but with background noise she would just shake her head and laugh. I have met no one else who likes tape. I also fold the tape on itself when I’m done with it. Exactly down the middle so NO sticky is left showing. I will go for some stickers. Banana in particular, but they often leave reside. Apple ones kind of make me mad because half the time you can’t get them off, and they are always too sticky. This is all very interesting to hear the different perspectives and likes/dislikes. A study should be done! Thinking about it now, it has all been a subconscious action for me. Never given it any thought at all.

  35. Victor Concepcion says:

    I’m so happy to see that I am not alone in this world with a tape addiction. I have yet to see anyone play with tape especially the way I do. I also just literally roll it up and play with it with my fingers. I love scotch tape, I can actually distinguish just with touch when it’s a cheap or good tape. It calms me for some reason. I like to take the stickers off deodorants and even the price tag off of bread. I do hope they do a study on this, would love to know…….have fun tape rolling everyone!

  36. WOW LOVE READING EVERYONES INDIVIDUALITY! I also thought I was alone when it comes to having the urge to peel stickers. Shampoo bottles, milk cartons, airport luggage, price stickers, you name it…I’ve attempted to peel it. I can always spot a good sticker, and if it doesn’t pull off clean I will stick it back down. My gf found this page, as too like others I currently have a sticker looped rollin between my fingers and thumbnand she just doesn’t understand! Mad how I can relate to all of you blog Amanda, well wrote.

  37. I am shocked and surprised at how many people share this addiction! As long as I can remember I’ve rolled stickers, tape etc into little tubes to roll between my fingers! In the past year or two it has gotten to where I actually purchase tape just for this purpose. ..and more recently duct tape is my favorite…but not all duct tape…only certain ones fit the profile :-) My husband says I’m weird but he stops once or twice a week and picks me up a roll. ..and has come home several times with a giant roll he’s bought somewhere excited about the “gift” he’s brought me…and I’m excited to get it! My kids have started picking up the habit as well…especially my youngest…and its not uncommon to see us watching TV together playing with tape! I’m not sure whether to discourage her or not?? I’m so happy to see I’m not alone in this!

  38. I have this habit too! I love rubbing it on my fingers or the middle of the palm of my hand and slowly pealing it off. It’s amazing!

  39. Chrystal says:

    It’s been so fun reading all the comments. I use to get in trouble during my teenage years because my mom would find masking tape everywhere. I’ve gotten much better at throwing it away to hide the proof. In college it was arrowhead water bottles that I liked. I would peel off the paper labels and play with the bottle. Hence, I drank a lot of water in college. Now my favorite is scotch brand double sided tape. I almost always have a role in my purse. Anyone that is close to me knows about this. It makes for a good laugh and I’m not usually embarrassed by it. I’ve just always wondered what the reason was for this addiction. I also have to use lotion after I wash my hands. If not, I am miserable and uncomfortable until I find some.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  40. It’s so good to be among people who understand!! I have been rolling tape for as long as I can remember. I think it started when my uncle made me a personalized tape dispenser when I started kindergarten; I didn’t know what it was for, so I just played with the tape.
    I don’t usually carry the tape dispensers with me, but I’ll take a long length of tape and roll it sticky side out so I can carry them around in my pockets without being too obvious. Most people don’t even seem to notice unless the slivers of old tape get stuck to their feet or shoes 😛 It made me smile reading that other people got them as stocking stuffers, too.. Christmas time usually held me over for a while :)
    So glad you wrote this article, it’s seriously heartwarming to finally know I’m not alone!!

  41. Omg this is insane, lol. What about the tape they wrap around your luggage handle at the airport! I just got done with some of that. Perfect sticky!

  42. I could spend hours in my room playing with a lint roller. I ever take a roll of tape and wrap it on backwards so I can just squeeze it. I honestly try to avoid sticky things because I will become completely distracted by it. Back in school I’d lose it if I found gum stuck under the desk or chair. Lose all focus on the teacher.

    I think I like it because I have attachment issues and the sticky stuff feels trustworthy because it’s not going anywhere. And I can pull it off at will so it won’t smother me like an obsessive person.

  43. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was a painter and always had rolls of masking tape. Even at the office I get a piece of scotch tape. I tell my husband I could never work with stickers. I’d be fired for wasting and playing with the product.

  44. I am rolling tape as I type this. I never felt weird about it or anything. I LOVE the sticky feeling, and it definitely has a calming effect. I like to roll up a whole bunch of it and put it in my pocket so I can roll it whenever I want. I’ve been rolling tape since about 2003, and haven’t stopped. It is nice to know I’m not the only one with this obsession :-). My obsession is exactly the same as Busy Momma 911

  45. I thought I was the only one out there. thank god I am not lol my wife does it to but not to the extent that I do she hates the piles of tape that she finds and my bedside that is a whole nother story. I love the 3m painters masking tape that stickiness is just right. when people ask I just say it helps with anxiety but really I just love doing it. I work where there is endless supplies of tape but I try my hardest not to do it at work. I am glad I found tons of people who also play with tape and yes we need to get this named and a study done to see why people do it I have no idea why I do it.
    Nichelle Brown recently posted…Hearts For Home Blog Hop 03/19/2015My Profile

  46. Why is there not a name for this addiction? There are so many people with the same strange love for sticky things! But yet nothing I google is giving me any information. I wish I knew why I am the way that I am. I am addicted to tape too! Usually the scotch kind, I just like rolling it between my fingers. I sometimes play with stickers and other sticky stuff but not too sticky that it leaves a residue on my fingers.

    • I wonder if we could get the disorder/addiction named? How would we go about doing that?

      • This definitely needs looking into, a lot of people don’t understand and I don’t try to explain. Often comments get passed that I am sexually frustrated (definitely not the case) I can’t explain or understand the urge to play with things sticky and the aggitation it causes.

  47. I actually had tears in my eyes, finding out that I’m not alone with this playing with tape stuff! I have hid it for I guess 23 years, only my immediate family and few friends know I do it. To see that it’s calming for most, I completely agree! It is sadly almost a lifeline for me, in overly stressful times without my scotch tape, I have had total panic attacks. Omg I just had a weight lifted, all this time I’ve been ashamed and embarrassed about need for tape. I just tell some people, my tape is like Linus and his blanket on The Peanuts lol. Thank you all so much

    • You are not alone. There are a lot of us out there.

      • Shananigans says:

        Your article is EXACTLY me!! I have been doing it for over 35 years and no clue what started it but I like j owing I am not the only one with this strange addiction. Or not the only one that receives tape as a Christmas/ bday gift! :-) at least
        (The family just goes with it). I am curious to know what the theory is behind why we do it. I am a hypersensitive (to sounds, etc) so wonder if we are just extra sensitive to the tacky feeling. Idk what it is, but I known it’s soothing. :-)

  48. When I was little I would suck my thumb and with a stuffed animal i would use the tag in between my fingers and stick it against my lip and face until it was sticky. Now I use blue painters tape and will play with it in public, but in private I have my thumb in my mouth to push the tape to my face! I don’t suck my thumb though lol just use it to hold my hand. When I’m feeling anxious I HAVE to have a piece of tape or I’ll have a pretty severe panic attack.. addiction is strong!

  49. Kimberly says:

    Trust me you’re not the only one. I’ve been addicted to the sticky feeling of tape since I was little. I even take the stickers off of my shampoo bottles. It’s weird but I don’t know why I love tape. I guess it just relaxes me or something.

  50. Danielle says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone. I just love my scotch tape! It HAS to be the transparent kind. The other’s don’t roll quite right. I’ve even asked for tape as gifts before. My husband can tell what’s on my mind, by how fast I’m rolling my tape! He does get pretty upset, when he finds my rolled up tape in his clean under wear! I’m addicted to rolling tape!!!

    • Welcome to our little tape loving club! I feel the same way about the transparent tape. It’s awesome! And I am Laughing out loud about the tape in the underwear! :) I hope you stick around and check out the rest of my blog.

  51. I have this same obsession :) My friends and family like to tease me about it when they catch me rolling tape. It is calming.

  52. Scotch tape is my favorite! I try to stop because my husband hates the noise but it is so hard!! Glad I’m not alone!

    • Hahaaa have to play with it quietly. My partner hates when lying in bed and I have one arm hanging out playing with a sticker that freshly peeled off shampoo bottle lol

  53. been playing with tape and stickers since i can remember! cant stop wont stop

  54. COUGH DROP says:

    This is GREAT!
    I’ve been “goin at it” for years!
    Gross or no gross, I don’t care… I’ve found that halls cough drops (I personally love strawberry) give me a perfect balance to enjoy the stickyness both between my fingers and lips. However, I’m not sure if the match up of Halls to medical monitor tape is even a match at all!

  55. Travis Wogomon says:

    Wow I don’t even know where to begin…. I too have this habit. I have played with tape for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is when I was 4 yo and my grandmother bought me a six pack of scotch for my entire family has made a big joke out of it, I’m totally okay with it though. Even more so since I stumbled upon this.:)

    I do favor stickers over tape. Unfortunately I do steal stickers while strolling through a store. Although I usually wear off the stickiness before I leave and drop it somewhere. So typically they never physically leave the store. I know this may be an inconvenience to others but I selfishly can’t help it.

    Now I’m about to be 25 with three little girls of my own, who I can see picking up the habit here an there. Hahaha and I also was so very lucky to find a woman to embrace my hobby. She will hand me a sticker that she found randomly followed by “because I love you” and it will totally make my day…

    So I’m will wrap this up with a few “thank yous”. A thanks to myself for finally Googling “why do I play with tape” after darn near 25 years of thinkin I was the only one who loved tape/stickers.
    A thanks to all my fellow tapers for taking the time of day and sharing all your stories.
    And a final thanks to Amanda, a woman with enough guts to put her self on the front line to reach out to all of us and make us realize that that WE aren’t alone:)

  56. Thanks I don’t feel so alone anymore!

  57. Jessica Hubbell says:

    You are most definitely not alone. I am 31, I have been playing with tape for a long while. I use to tell my ex husband the best gift he could give me when he was at a store and thought ofme was double sided sticky tape and yes it Scotch tape as well. It last longer for me because I like it when its fresh. I usually play with it at home when I am relaxing. I like to do a lot of things and find it is hard to stay still without tape in my hands, so when I watch TV I play with tape to keep me calm and relaxed during the entire show or movie. I have had moments when I would carry it with me but that was during difficult times. I also have a habit if their is a sticky on something that is usually peeled off I will test it out but notmally I dont like it if the tecky glue rubs off on my fingers so I stick to the double sided. Anyways,you definitely arent alone! Have a beautiful day with a smile! :-)

  58. OMG!! I, like many others, cannot believe that I am NOT the only one who loves to play with tape. I have done this my entire life. When I was just a child (I am 43 now) my grandfather would hide the Scotch tape from me because I would waste a whole roll within hours. I also have been given tape for Christmas as a stocking stuffer and I LOVE it!
    The BEST tape I have found is hospital tape. Not the paper tape but the kinda clear kind. OMG I play with it for hours until my husband tells me I am driving him nuts…LOL.
    This is so cool! Oh and while I was reading this blog, I thought “Did I write a blog and not know it?”. It was me to a tee!!

    • I have always wondered “why” I do it – I have major anxiety disorder and a couple other diagnosis as well – I truly believe it is due to stress and being anxious. Who knows but I LOVE doing it!!

  59. Darrel williams says:

    I play with tape too! I have funnels and tiny tape balls every where I Dont remember a time when I didn’t have the need to play with tape when I see or think about it

  60. I’ve been rolling tape since 1981 and have never met anyone else who does this – hello friends! Has anyone else noticed that Scotch Brand regular clear cellophane tape has changed over the last 30 years? It used to be thicker plastic and stickier. Now the plastic is so thin it shreds horribly when you try to peel it and it’s not as sticky. Crazy what people do. As for harmless – I’ll let you know, since I am starting to get arthritis in the base of the thumb and forefinger of my left hand – where I roll the most (right hand busy writing or using the mouse at work). I agree that I think it is calming. Safer than a cigarette.

  61. Wow!! I’m so excite that this many people share my obsession. I too am a lover of tape. I actually enjoy rubbing the adhesive back off of tape, labels, stickers, etc. I have a GIANT ball(the size of a large orange) of just the adhesive parts of the different tapes at home. When my mom sees me with tape she actually tries to take it from me. lol I’m just glad there are others who like tape as much as I do.
    p.s. My favorite is white duck brand duct tape!!!

    • Playing with a folded up sticker right now… haha
      I had no idea that this was such a big deal.
      I have played with stickers and tape since I was 5 years old, and I am now 25.
      Great to know. :)

  62. Omg I can’t believe I’m not the only one! My parents get me scotch tape as stocking stuffers for Christmas I go through so much tape! Once the stickiness wears off I fold them into little triangle footballs and them keep making the footballs thicker with each added used tape. They hide the tape dispenser from me at work. Stickers also work. I just can’t believe that people out there do this and I am not alone! Yay for sticky tape! And the best stickiness comes with clean washed hands no lotion or oil or grime on them. Love love!

  63. I love tape too

  64. Hi, my name is Jon. I am a tape addict. Whew!

    I don’t know where or when my love for tape or all things sticky that I can roll in my fingers started, but I know that it is part of who I am. All of my colleagues have been explained about his behavior over my past 15 years of working. Whether it be a left over tape ball or me simply rolling the tape around eventually you have to explain what you are doing. Even in high school I received tape as a gift from friends. I am not sure if it was a joke and even if it was I was very happy to get it. My wife hates the habit, why, because she finds tape balls I accidentally leave around the house. Her revenge is to put the tape balls in my boxers. I usually notice or feel them while sitting at my desk and politely excuse myself to the bathroom.
    I also like to rip the tape apart into two strips, then fold them into squares. This gives better surface area to stick to your fingers.
    I could go on but I am glad to hear from my brothers and sisters that have come out of the tape closet.

  65. I do it too! I am looking at my empty tape dispenser on my desk now… I never use tape for actual work. I was also hooked on playing with the tacky putty used to hang posters on walls, but once that gets too used it gets messy, and I do not like that. I am now addicted to silly putty. You should try it. I get weird looks sometimes, and people sometimes see it and think I am playing with gum. I don’t care. It is a true addiction, but pretty safe as far as I can tell.

    • Hi Ashley! I used to love silly putty as a kid! I had forgotten ab0ut it until you mentioned it. I need to go busy some for my grand kids. Yeah…. that’s the excuse I’ll use. LOL!

  66. I have done this my entire life!! I dont know why I do it. I just love it so much.. I cant walk past a tape dispenser without taking a piece and playing with it. Stickers of any kind are not safe around me. I have never told anyone that I do this and I dont think anyone has ever noticed. I have always kind of hid it because it is kind of weird and I dont know how to explain why I love it so much:)

  67. I am the same way. I don’t do it all the time, but if I have a tape dispenser on my desk, look out! :) I like the way it feels on my fingers. I’ve liked it since I was kid. I laughed because I like all the tape and stickers too. One that you didn’t mention are the little paper napkin holders at casual restaurants (the ones that have a sticky tape corner that hold the paper napkin together around the silverware). I always end up playing with everyone’s sticky napkin holder while we wait for our food. LOL. Good to know other people like it too. I was also one of those kids who loved to spread white glue on the palm of my hand and peel it off when it dried…

  68. OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t believe all of the stories that I just read! I am 33 years old, however as long back as I can remember I have loved playing with tape! (and stickers, labels, etc…) In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much that my mom (until her passing day) used to call me a “sticky freak”! Lol. Really!
    It wasn’t until just recently that I got the idea in my head to google, “is there such a thing as having a sticky tape fetish?” So, literally 20 minutes ago was a life changing moment for me, sorta! I never thought there would be so many others out there like myself!? It’s really a pretty cool feeling, finding out I’m not alone. And just for the record, my absolute #1 favorite tape to play with is the “3M medical tape”, that rips apart relatively easy! It used to be the “satin” scotch brand tape…that is until my boyfriend’s sister got a full time position as a nurses aide at a hospital!

    • That’s awesome! I searched then net for info about our addiction and didn’t find much, so that is actually why I decided to write this article.I am have been astounded by the response. There are a lot more of us than I thought there were!

    • OMG, medical tape is the absolute BEST! ER’s and doctors’ offices are never safe with me around….LOL

  69. Glad to see I’m not alone! Tape relaxes me, it smells good and I LOVE IT. Scotch Long Lasting, Masking, and Hospital clear tape is the BEST! I have to have a roll with me at all times. I thought I was weird but now I see there’s not wrong with a harm less addiction. To my fellow tape Lovers keep it Sticky and goodnight!

  70. Wow never thought there were so many tape lovers out there! I find myself with a peice of tape all the time and don’t even realize it. I always wonder why I am so addicted to it but once I start it takes forever for me to put the tape down. I also have anxiety and maybe that’s why I do it. Good to know I’m not the only one because I thought I was really weird!

  71. I am so glad I’m not alone! I have always loved all things sticky and I never knew why. I swear you took the words right out of my mouth! My personal favorite is double stick tape…. Lol but really though I’m glad I found this. Tape addicts unite.

  72. RudyTees says:

    Wow! I’ve searched for other tacky addicts in the past and have had very little luck. It was great to find your post, BM911, because I now know I’m not alone. You described me perfectly. Thank you so much for posting!

    I feel like someone out there should hire us to develop new types of tape or something. I, like you, am an expert in knowing the properties of all kinds of tacky things – a very strange skill to have. Packing tape is fantastic. The sticky strip on USPS cardboard mailers has a really strong sticky that can kind of hurt (but I’m still compelled!). I don’t really like duct tape either – the adhesive comes off too easily and it makes my fingers smell really chemical-y. My favorite might be RFID stickers that come on electronic devices. They’re SO STICKY.

    I’m a pretty anxious person, too, and I find my sticky addiction goes up when I’m under stress. But it isn’t just a nervous thing – I really like the way it feels. It’s not at all sexual or anything. It’s like scratching an itch. I’ve wondered if I don’t have a tactile form of ASMR or something (wiki that if you don’t know what it is).

    Anyhow, thanks again for posting.

    • Nice to meet you RudyTees. There are more of us than I though there were! And I agree! We’d make awesome tape testers. I am always looking for good work at home jobs! LOL

  73. I have been trying to find out why i have this addiction for a very long time. I know isn’t harmful to me our anyone, but it gets annoying to me sometimes that i can’t just put the tape down! This article explains my addiction perfectly. I dont know what it is but i like the feeling of the adhesive pulling at my skin as i move from finger to finger. I wish i could find a way to keep it in check though sometimes like i said i find ive been playing with a roll of tape for hours.

    • I feel your pain my sticky loving friend. I’m sorry you have this affliction, but it is nice to know I am not alone.

    • WorkingMommy says:

      Wow. For some reason after many many years I decided I google tape addiction. And it makes me laugh at the stories bc they describe me to the T!!! I work in a medical facility so tape is very accessible I have a favorite kind and think about it often if it’s not around. Its Super annoying and hilarious at the same time. It’s embarrasing when I’m around ppl who don’t know. Most of my best friends and close family however are aware and don’t react much to it anymore.

      • LOL! Hello! Nice to meet you. So sorry you suffer from the same ailment as me :) It is annoying at times isn’t it! I work in a 911 center and a whole roll sits next to me all night long. You are not alone. Thanks for your comment, letting me know I am not alone either.

  74. That’s so funny! I always have tape on hand, but Washi tape might be the addiction for me :)
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication recently posted…Day Five of the Christmas Home Tour!My Profile

  75. I think a lot of people have habits like this. One of my aunts used to rub a piece of silky ribbon between her fingers-like the kind that used to edge blankets back in the day. I think I was told that when she was little she used to carry a blankie but it evolved into just the ribbon, and that went on for years. She may still do it, I don’t know.
    Rolling boogers. That’s hilarious!
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…Wellness Wednesday: Food and ShameMy Profile

  76. There are many addictions of all nature’s out there. At least yours is not particularly harmful to yourself or others. I like to pop bubble rap but I can wait until we have some.
    Shirley Wood recently posted…A Virtual Craft Fair Day 3, Mongramming, Jewelry, Books & Thirty-OneMy Profile

  77. Not sure about the tape thing, but it’s common to keep our hands busy – I’m a doodler.
    I do have a designated Tape Drawer, with all varieties of tape – you should come visit 😉
    Linda recently posted…Our Jesse Tree TraditionMy Profile

    • A whole Drawer full of tape!! I should come visit! I’d be in heaven. Now I am not much of a doodler, but apparently I tracy what I have written down, over and over IF I am talking on the phone. Maybe I have a repetition issue as well? :)

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