Strawberry Jam the Old fashioned Way- without added pectin


We make strawberry Jam the old fashioned way, without added pectin.

Why? Because most store bought pectin likely contains ingredients derived from Genetically Modified Corn and other unsavory things that we try to limit in our diet. I’d like to say we eliminate all GMO’s, but they are everywhere, so we have to settle with limiting them.

The added pectin you purchase in small cardboard boxes really isn’t necessary anyway. People have been making Jams long before powdered packages of pectin were invented.

If your lucky enough to have a great grandmother in your life still like I am, ask her if she remembers making jam without it.

Not adding additional pectin does change the texture of homemade strawberry jam a bit. It creates a softer gel and a more spreadable jam.

But it’s just as tasty and we actually prefer the texture without the added pectin.

This year, we have been eating up the strawberry jam I made so fast that it’s not going to last through the winter!

Maybe that’s because we didn’t have any homemade jam last year, as we had no kitchen, or bathroom or living room last year during our house disaster.

Whatever the cause, next year I’m going to increase my order of local strawberries from 20 quarts to 40 next year.

And I’m going to have to order plenty of local blueberries and peaches once they are in season to make up the difference.

Strawberry Jam The Old Fashioned Way


Strawberry Jam 1

strawberry jam 4

strawberry jam 6

strawberry jam 5

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