When Life Gets Busy- Something Has To Give

At least for me. Is it like that for you too? And for the last month or so, that something had to be this blog. That's why all you have been seeing here lately is the Hearts for Home Blog Hop on Thursdays. Nothing major has happened to keep me away from blogging like our house disaster did last year. And in case your wondering, no, the house isn't all done yet. It's livable and fairly comfortable, but not done.  But there has been enough going on that I've been feeling a little overwhelmed as … [Read more...]

What is a Blog Hop?

If you are a blogger, you probably already know the answer to this question. But if you're not, you may be wondering, "What is a blog hop?" and "How do blog hops benefit blog readers?" And quite possibly "Why are you posting about blog hops?" I'm going to attempt to tell you. What is a Blog Hop A blog hop is a grouping (or list) of blog posts, written by lots of different bloggers, all in one place. Most of the time, all of the posts in the group have a similar theme, but not … [Read more...]

Black Friday is Coming

Black Friday is coming! Are you ready? Are you mapping out your strategy? My friend at work has been busy checking adds, making his list and creating his plan of attack. He loves Black Friday shopping. He's even taking the day off work and forfeiting Holiday Pay at work to go shop! The one time I went Black Friday Shopping, it was not pleasant. I had a kids scooter dropped on my head. Then some lady tried to steal said scooter out of my cart when I turned my back. People were fighting … [Read more...]

Nobody Breaks Their Arm Lifting a Bicycle- My Giant Cell Tumor Story

  Nobody Breaks their arm lifting a bicycle. I've heard those words quite a few times in the last couple years when telling my story about dealing with Giant Cell Tumor of the Bone. It was October of 2010 and my elbow started to hurt just a bit. The pain was pretty minor so I chalked it up to sleeping on it funny at first. The only time it really bothered me was when I had my elbows up resting on the table or counter top. I figured it would eventually go away. I really wasn't … [Read more...]

My Giant Cell Tumor Story-When Being One in a Million Isn’t a Good Thing

  My Giant Cell Tumor Story- will be written in several parts, because it's long and because it's not over yet. So I need to be able to add to it later. I've debated about whether I should share my Giant Cell Tumor Story in detail at here Busy Mama 911  for a while now, for several reasons: I don't want to bore anyone I don't think it fits in with the overall theme of this blog The chances of you or someone you know getting this tumor is slim to none There are a lot of other … [Read more...]

It’s the Writing Process Blog Tour-and You’re Invited!

  I was asked to participate in The Writing Process Blog Tour by Deborah @ Salvage Sister & Mister. Deborah blogs about food, fashion, home decorating, finances, gardening and her families adventures in making the most with what one has been given. And her husband helps too! Which I think is great! Please go visit Deborah's blog. You'll be glad you did. It's full of all kinds of wonderful and practical information. Thank You Deborah for inviting Busy Mama 911 to be … [Read more...]

Busy Mama 911 has a New Look! And Brand it Boutique Twitter Giveaway!

The Giveaway is towards the end of this post and  this post contains affiliate links.  The New Look! Thanks to Tanya at Blogelina things are looking a lot better around here! Didn't she do a wonderful job? I am so Glad I took advantage of the Valentine's Day Special Blogelina offered on their Build Your Own Custom Blog Design package. While the Valentine's Day deal is no longer available, the every day prices at  Blogelina on this and her other services, are still super affordable. I … [Read more...]

14 Bloggers I Love

Keeping with my Valentine's Day theme, I have decided show some love to 14 of my favorite bloggers. Each of these bloggers have been a huge blessing to me in some way. Some have blessed me by sharing their blogging knowledge. Some have blessed me in my personal life or in my business. And some have blessed me just by writing their own blog. All of these ladies have amazing blogs. They share great recipes, ideas and inspiration. You really should check them out. Linda @ Apron Strings … [Read more...]

14 Gift Ideas for Under 14 Dollars: Perfect for Valentine’s Day

This list of 14 gift ideas for under 14 dollars contains affiliate links. To learn more about what an affiliate link is, go here. Thank You for your support.  I love giving Valentine's Day Gifts to the ones I love. Giving gifts just makes me happy. And I'll admit, getting them does a little bit too. I am 30 something years old and my mom still gives me a small gift for Valentine's Day every year. My boys get gifts from my mom, my husband and I and their great grandma. I'd love to give all of … [Read more...]