What happens at a Home Party?

A Lilla Rose Home Party is a great way to connect with friends and have some fun! And score some great Hostess Awards too.

And Home parties don’t have to actually be held at your home. I’m game to head to your office or your Church basement or fellowship hall. And I can even help you rent a room at several of the Local Firehouses for cheap or free!

What happens at one of these parties?

We pick a where, then a when.

You invite your friends and family. I show up with all kinds of Lilla Rose Hair pretties and we have fun playing hair for a couple hours. (typically two or three)

I’ll have a game or two (depending on the size of the crowd) and at least one someone will be going home with a FREE product!

Depending on my vendor show schedule (because I often get my inventory wiped out there), I can even bring all my inventory. Your friends can shop and if I have what they want in stock, they can take it home with them the day of the party. You still get the Hostess credit and your party guests get the instant gratification we have all grown to love.

Tips for Hosting

Send invitations out 10 days in advance and remind your guests a day or two before the party by phone call, text message or email.

KISS- Keep it Simple Silly! Don’t wear yourself out preparing a gourmet spread. A few simple snacks will be just fine. Your guests come to the party to catch up with you and relax. So don’t wear yourself out.


If your local to me and you can set aside just a few hours, a home party is a great way to get the most reward for your effort. While online parties are successful as well, people really like to touch, see feel and try before they buy. And they usually purchase more than they would have from an online party.

When your ready to get started planning your Lilla Rose Party, you can contact me:

Here or on Facebook