What is a Google Hangouts Party?

Google Hangouts is kinda like Skype on Steroids. 

Via my trusty web cam, I’ll demo products and share information and a photo packed power point presentation with you and your party guests.

You and 7 of your closest web cam owning friends can join me during the Live Hangout, and the rest of your guests can watch online.

Camera Shy? No web cam? No problem. While it won’t be as fun, I can do the hangout/ webcast alone. You and your friends can watch and we can arrange a group Facebook chat or something afterwords. For some Q and A time.

Coming soon…. I will demo a Google Hangout Party and post the recording right here on this page, so you can get a better idea what I am talking about. But it may be a day or three.

If you think this sounds like a fun way to party, contact me to get started planing yours today!

Be the first of your friends to party on Hangouts.

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