When Life Gets Busy- Something Has To Give

At least for me. Is it like that for you too? And for the last month or so, that something had to be this blog. That's why all you have been seeing here lately is the Hearts for Home Blog Hop on Thursdays. Nothing major has happened to keep me away from blogging like our house disaster did last year. And in case your wondering, no, the house isn't all done yet. It's livable and fairly comfortable, but not done.  But there has been enough going on that I've been feeling a little overwhelmed as … [Read more...]

Reflective Address Signs Can Help Save Lives

Reflective Address Signs Can Help Save Lives If you don't have a reflective address sign, I urge you to get one. The sooner the better. These signs help the Police, the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responders find your house faster in an emergency. And in an emergency, seconds count. As a 911 call taker, I can't tell you how many times I've listened as a frantic caller watches helplessly while an ambulance or police car drives up and down the road in front of their house … [Read more...]

3 Things Our Mini House Disaster has Taught Me

There are 3 things our mini house disaster has taught me. I'm sharing those with you today. I hope the worst is over, but it will still be months before everything is completely finished. Mostly because we have chosen to DIY some of the work (with our families help) to save money such as: painting, tiling the shower, installing the wheelchair wall guards down the hallway, building the custom cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, installing new doors on all the bedrooms, cutting, fitting … [Read more...]

The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn- just the reminder I needed

This post was written when I was super tired. So if there are any misspellings or other errors, I apologize and will fix them later.   The darkest hour is just before the dawn. This is what the kind man at the hardware store, who helped me find the correct dryer outlet, said to me yesterday. I had run in, in my very messy looking painting clothes, to grab a few things. I hate going anywhere looking a mess like that but I was in a hurry. And I was upset that I had slept longer than I … [Read more...]

It’s Just Like Camping

  It's  just like camping, right? And camping is FUN! So this isn't really a big deal.                     That's what I keep telling myself as we deal with our mini house disaster that all started with a new couch. We haven't had a bathroom for a few weeks.  Nor hot water or a kitchen. We are already two weeks in. And we are looking at  at least two more, maybe longer. It's Just Like Camping!  Lots of our  of time is being spent outside, in the great … [Read more...]

It all Started with a New Couch- and that’s when the TROUBLE started!

It all started with the new couch. And some new flooring. It was a simple project. It was only going to take two weeks. It wasn't going to be a big deal.  And that's when the TROUBLE started. Oh how quickly things can change!  It all Started with a New Couch Our living room furniture is about 15 years old. It has been through two boys, my husbands daughter on weekends, all of their friends and 6 grandchildren. Needless to say it was time for some new stuff. While we were at … [Read more...]

Family Night Movie Giveaway-Enter to WIN the LEGO Movie DVD and Snacks

I love a good Family Night Movie, don't you? Popcorn, pretzels, chips, dips or Crackers, a tasty beverage and snuggles on the couch under a cozy blanket with the lights turned down low. No cell phones, no lap tops, no tablets allowed! Sometimes there is some laughter and sometimes there are some tears, but the one that that there always is......there is always togetherness! If you love a good Family Night Movie, like I do, you are going to want to enter this giveaway! Not only will the … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Sunscreen for Your Family

  Choosing the right sunscreen for your family to keep your family safe can be tricky. There is a lot more to it than just selecting an SPF. But carefully doing so is really important. Especially since Skin Cancer is the most common form of Cancer diagnosed in the United States. That scary statistic makes choosing the right sunscreen for your family a must! I never used to put much thought into choosing the right sunscreen for my family. I'd  just grab any old waterproof … [Read more...]

Sounds of Spring

Even though Spring is little more than a week away, we have enjoyed the sounds of spring around my house the past few days. The weather has warmed up into the 60's and the birds are out singing. It's been nice. It won't last long, as they are calling for a low of 12 degrees and snow on Wednesday, but we'll take what we can get. Even if only for a few days. The warmer weather has seemed to bring everyone in our area out and about. Which means the sounds of spring have also included an … [Read more...]