Old Cell Phones Are Not Toys {But Could Still Save Your Life}

Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Aunts, listen up: Old cell phones are not toys! Did you know that an old, deactivated cell phone or a prepaid cell phone without any minutes left can still call 911? It’s true! As long as the cell phone has a battery installed, they can and do call 911. And the old batteries don't even need to be charged up. Some of them have just enough juice left inside of them to still make a call, even if they show that they are dead. Which is super if that's the only phone … [Read more...]

10 Things NOT To Do When You Get Pulled Over By The Police

Check out these 10 things NOT to do when you get pulled over by the police. Then go ask an officer and I am sure they can come up with 5 or 10 more for you. I am not a police officer, but I married one and I work with dozens more. And I really love my job! That's what I have need to say this before I get into this post any further: this post is not endorsed or sponsored by my employer nor any of the agencies I work with now or have worked with in the past. All ideas expressed here are mine … [Read more...]

Reflective Address Signs Can Help Save Lives

Reflective Address Signs Can Help Save Lives If you don't have a reflective address sign, I urge you to get one. The sooner the better. These signs help the Police, the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responders find your house faster in an emergency. And in an emergency, seconds count. As a 911 call taker, I can't tell you how many times I've listened as a frantic caller watches helplessly while an ambulance or police car drives up and down the road in front of their house … [Read more...]

Why You Should Teach Your Kids To Swim Now!

 Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Swim Now, is a Guest Post from Kaitlin at An Apple Per Day.    Why You Should Teach Your Kids To Swim Now! The safety of my kids is very important to me, and the water just has inherent risks, so having my kids learn to swim has been a big issue for me. I know my kids will be around water many times over their lifetime, and swim lessons will allow them to enjoy all the fun of the water – and be safe at the same time. Lessons by Mom or an … [Read more...]

Keep Your Family Safe from Bed Bugs- with some of these tips

Yesterday, I told you how I am getting bugged by bed bugs because I have to visit a location that is known to have them. And I shared with you some things that you can do to minimize the chances you will allow a hitchhiking bug to come home with you from an infested area. Today I am going to offer some basic and general tips that can help you to keep your family safe from bed bugs. Because it's a growing problem folks. Be Mindful Everywhere The locations you know to have bed bugs are … [Read more...]

Something’s Bugging me……BED BUGS!!!!

Something's Bugging me........ Bed Bugs!!!!! Yes you read that right! Bed bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been going on for MONTHS! No their not in my home, thank goodness! But they are a little too close for comfort. For fear of legal or other ramifications, I am not going to disclose the exact location of these bed bugs bugging me. And by bugging me I mean dominating more than half of my thoughts and causing me a lot of extra work, anxiety and money. These are actual … [Read more...]

October is Talk About Your Medicines Month

Did you know October is talk about your medicines month? I sure didn't. That is until Judy Cohen from the American Recall Center contacted me and asked me to blog about it. The American Recall Center The American Recall Center is a website sponsored by WEITZ & LUXENBERG P.C., a law firm focusing on providing legal services to clients injured by negligent corporations and/or entities. And according to their Website "The American Recall Center provides drug and medical device recall … [Read more...]

When Ditching Your Landline to Save Money is a Bad Idea

If you have a small child, an elderly person, or someone with special needs living in your home, then ditching your landline to save money is a bad idea. This  opinion is based  off of my 16 years experience working as a 911 dispatcher, but before I get started I'd like to say: All the opinions expressed in this post are my own, and they do not reflect  that of my employer. To read my full disclosure about matters such as these please click here. Why Ditching Your Landline to Save Money is a … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Sunscreen for Your Family

  Choosing the right sunscreen for your family to keep your family safe can be tricky. There is a lot more to it than just selecting an SPF. But carefully doing so is really important. Especially since Skin Cancer is the most common form of Cancer diagnosed in the United States. That scary statistic makes choosing the right sunscreen for your family a must! I never used to put much thought into choosing the right sunscreen for my family. I'd  just grab any old waterproof … [Read more...]