2014 Review and Looking Forward to 2015

2014 Review and Looking forward to 2015 Happy New Year 2015 from Our Home to Yours! I've spent the last two days doing a mental 2014 Review and looking forward to 2015. I don't know about you, but I am I'm glad to see 2014 come to an end. Things could have been much, much worse for us and God faithfully saw us through each challenge,  but it was still tough! First My giant Cell Tumor of the Bone Returned  For the third time in four years I had surgery to remove a bone tumor from my … [Read more...]

3 Things Our Mini House Disaster has Taught Me

There are 3 things our mini house disaster has taught me. I'm sharing those with you today. I hope the worst is over, but it will still be months before everything is completely finished. Mostly because we have chosen to DIY some of the work (with our families help) to save money such as: painting, tiling the shower, installing the wheelchair wall guards down the hallway, building the custom cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, installing new doors on all the bedrooms, cutting, fitting … [Read more...]

My Surgery is Scheduled and God’s Timing is Perfect

Surgery to remove what looks to be the third Giant Cell Tumor of the bone from  my arm is scheduled for Friday. While I am not looking forward to this I am thankful that God's Timing is Perfect! God's timing is always perfect. This isn't the first time I have experienced his perfect timing and I know this will not be the last. God's Timing is Perfect I work nights and weekends as a 911 Dispatcher. When one of us needs off work on our weekend to work, it puts a strain on the dispatch center. … [Read more...]

Round 3 Begins in My Giant Cell Tumor Story

I managed to get in to see my orthopedic oncologist (my tumors have been benign so far) Dr. Wurtz a couple of days early to find out if my giant cell tumor came back. He took some x-rays and they looked normal. He was hopeful that my symptoms were some type of nerve pain from the previous two surgeries. But he ran a CT Scan just to be sure. Unfortunately he was wrong and round 3 in my giant cell tumor story begins. Yesterday my husband and I set out on a field trip of sorts. We decided to … [Read more...]

My Giant Cell Tumor Story Round 2- and concerns I could be facing round 3

  My Giant Cell Tumor Story Round 2 Although my first round with giant cell tumor of the bone left me with some limitations, I had accepted them and I had moved on. It was early April of 2012 and I was excited about the upcoming Garden season. I knew I wasn't going to be able to dig potatoes and lift heavy bags of soil or even wield a big shovel for that matter, but I also knew there was plenty that I could do with just one good arm! And I was ready. But just a few short weeks in, … [Read more...]

Preparing for Easter

Almost everyone I know is excitedly preparing for Easter. They're talking about what's on their dinner menu and what they are going to wear to Church on Sunday. I've enjoyed seeing countless pictures on Facebook of beautiful Easter decoration displays, adorable kids craft ideas and Easter baskets bursting at the seams, full of every kind of candy and confection known to man. It's great! I love to see Christians getting excited and taking the time to prepare to celebrate our Risen … [Read more...]

Finding Encouragement on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. (I think I have mentioned that before) It's great for finding recipes, tips, hairstyles, clothing ideas and even jokes. But did you know it's also a wonderful place to find encouragement? I've heard some moms say that they get depressed by Pinterest, with all of it's cool projects and beautiful pictures, that they never find time to do. If that's you, You Need to STOP! You are only one woman and you can only do so much! Give yourself some Grace and start finding … [Read more...]

Encouragement for the Worrier

I tend to be a worrier. It comes naturally to me. I come from quite a long line of worriers. My dad is a worrier and his dad was a worrier. And my dad's mom? Grandma has a black belt in worrying. I don't know why we have this tendency? It is no fun at all! I used to spend half of my waking hours (or more) worrying about something. Even on a good day. It was exhausting! And you know what? 99% of what I worried about never happened! And the 1% that did, didn't happen anything like I … [Read more...]

How’s your heart?

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I will still be posting things about love and heart for the rest of the month. After all, February is American Heart Month. So let me ask, how's your heart? I'm not asking about your physical heart today. I am asking you, to ask yourself, how's your heart spiritually? I'm asking myself the same thing as well, in the light of Gods Word. How's Your Heart? Am I reading my Bible?   (2 Timothy 2:15)  Am I praying as often as I should?  (1 … [Read more...]