How To Make A Citrus Peel Cleaner

Citrus peel cleaner is really effective. It cuts grease and smells good too. I use a lot of lemons and limes at my house. I like fresh squeezed lemonade and limeade sweetened with stevia. I like real lime juice in my guacamole chicken salad. And I also like lemon thyme chicken. I buy a big bag of lemons and a lime or two every week. That means I have a lot of citrus peels to contend with. I don't bake a lot (because I'd just eat it if I did) so I don't need to save a lot of citrus zest … [Read more...]

Something’s Bugging me……BED BUGS!!!!

Something's Bugging me........ Bed Bugs!!!!! Yes you read that right! Bed bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been going on for MONTHS! No their not in my home, thank goodness! But they are a little too close for comfort. For fear of legal or other ramifications, I am not going to disclose the exact location of these bed bugs bugging me. And by bugging me I mean dominating more than half of my thoughts and causing me a lot of extra work, anxiety and money. These are actual … [Read more...]

Fermentation Success, thanks to Fido jars!

I am so excited to have finally had some vegetable fermenting success thanks to Fido Jars ! Fermented Vegetables are so good for you! Done right they pack a proboitic punch unlike anything you can get from a bottle you bought at the store. They're cheaper than those bottles too, if you make them yourself. I would like to incorporate two or three servings of fermented foods a day into my diet. My yogurt always ferments flawlessly, but fermenting success with vegetables, not so … [Read more...]

It’s Been a Rough Summer…. update part one

It's Been a Rough Summer Boy it's been a rough summer. And an expensive one, thanks to our mini house disaster. Actually, it doesn't really feel so mini anymore. It may have all started with a new couch , but now, a few months later, we will almost have a new house!   Update Part One I haven't posted much at all lately. Things have just been too crazy! I really do miss it. And I promise you my dear readers and bloggie friends, that this blog is not turning into Amanda's whine page. … [Read more...]

Using Essential Oils to Improve Hair and Scalp

Women have been using Essential Oils to Improve Hair and Scalp problems for centuries. The practice, however, seems to have fallen out of favor somewhere along the way. Nowadays, most women I know turn to chemical laden concoctions to combat issues like oily scalp, dry hair, dandruff and the like. I used to be one of those women. I bought into all they hype. I'd rush out to the nearest big box store and try every new shampoo and conditioner I saw advertised on TV, claiming to do all sorts of … [Read more...]

Basic Yellow Mustard Recipe

Yesterday I tried my hand at making Basic Yellow Mustard for the first time. I can't believe how quick and easy it was. I should have tried this years ago.  It was so easy that I think I will be trying to make other kinds of mustard really soon. Horseradish Mustard, Spicy Brown Mustard, Hot Mustard, Honey Mustard........YUM!   I found recipes for yellow mustard here and here.  They look like wonderful recipes, but they both called for Wondra flour. I don't have any. I also wanted to … [Read more...]

Italian Dressing Mix

Italian Dressing Mix is a versatile item to keep on hand. You can use it to mix up a wonderful dressing for a lettuce or pasta salad You can sprinkle it on potatoes and roast them You can mix it up as a marinade for beef or chicken And, I hear it's good sprinkled on fish, but I haven't tried it yet There are several brands of Italian Dressing Mix Packets available in most supermarkets that are quite tasty, but I make my own. It seems like a big waste, to me, to purchase the little … [Read more...]

Make Liquid Soap from Bar Soap- kind of

I had seen several blog posts about how to make liquid soap from bar soap and I thought I would give it a try. All of the directions seemed almost exactly alike. I mean, how hard could it be? I was really excited about the thought of being able to save some money on liquid hand soap. I am trying to get away from sodium laurel sulfate and other chemicals found in many liquid soaps, but liquid Castile soap is sort of expensive. I don't mind using bar soap like this one  but my family doesn't … [Read more...]

Routine Maintenance of Wood- Part 3 in a Series on Wooden Kitchen Tools

Wood tends to dry out over time with repeated washing. And especially after a thorough disinfection or two. That's why routine maintenance of your wooden kitchen tools in essential. You're going to need to protect them, if you want them to last a long time. Otherwise they're going to begin to stain and dry out. They could even become dry enough to start cracking. To stop this from happening you need to use some wooden kitchen tool cream, or wood butter if you will, about once every 3 months or … [Read more...]